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Our Vision


Who is
Living Israel?

  • A messianic congregation in Israel,
  • A disciple-making ministry
  • Focused on cultivating & planting congregations,
  • Reaching out through humanitarian work
  • And carrying revival in the land. that 70 new congregations will be planted in Israel by 2025!

Offering comfort and care in the New Living Israel community

What is the Need?

  • 20 % of the Israeli population speaks Russian as their first language (1.8 million)
  • 10, 500 immigrants from Russia and 6,500 from Ukraine entered Israel in 2018.
  • There are many new Russian Jewish immigrants’ coming into the country on a weekly basis because of their Hebrew lineage that have no support base--socially, financially or spiritually
  • Many end up on the streets in the slavery of drugs, alcohol, and prostitution.
  • Southern Tel-Aviv is the most crime ridden place in all of Israel – many people are afraid to enter in some areas.
  • By the end of the 20th century more than 1 million Russian speaking Jews returned to their historic homeland – today they represent 20% of the population of Israel and 70% of Messianic believers in Israel.


"Our God is a good and loving Father"

— Andrey Zaremba, New Living Israel President

The Solution

We believe that the desire of God’s heart is revealed in Matthew 10 where it is written to go to the lost sheep of the house of Israel.

In order to begin to build a relationship, Living Israel opened a coffee shop (soup kitchen) in March of 2016 for the homeless where around 1,000 people a month receive a hot meal on a daily basis.

After detox a person ends up in one of the rehab homes operated by Living Israel where they experience the love of God in a warm family atmosphere and get free from the bondage of addiction and sin.

As people express a desire to start a new life in Christ they are taken to the city of Haifa where in a former monastery Living Israel operates a detox facility – for many this place has become a door to salvation.

From the moment a person begins their journey in becoming a follower of Christ they begin studying the Bible in our school of discipleship.

Many of the graduates of the school of discipleship become a driving force in opening new churches capable of multiplication. Graduates of the school have planted 30 church communities in different cities in Israel.

Today the 30 interdenominational churches of Living Israel effectively spread the kingdom of God through various evangelistic outreach projects.

Missionaries have been sent to eight other countries and planted church communities.

Our Vision

The mission of New Living Israel is to share the vision of Living Israel, develop ministry partners, and raise resources, from individuals, churches, and other organizations in the USA to sustain and enhance the ministry of Living Israel so that unbelievers are reached with the gospel of Jesus Christ.

The Outreach Projects

Holocaust survivors

There are estimated 200,000 survivors in Israel and 50,000 are living in poverty.  It is our desire to reach these people with the Gospel while they are alive.

Home visitations and care packages are the primary way we try to build the relationship to begin sharing the gospel with them.  About 2,000 home visits are made yearly. Special programs and concerts are also provided for them in an effort to reach them with the gospel.

Outreach to New Russian-speaking Immigrants

The goal is to have...

Increase the number of churches in Israel from 30 to 100 churches (20-200 people each) in the next seven years- The long range goal is to have 1 Russian-speaking church in every city of Israel.

Add 2 more bible schools to prepare teams to reach the lost in Israel

Expand the youth ministry by starting youth meetings in Hebrew

Expand the missionary base to send missionaries all over the world to spread the Gospel – increasing the churches and rehab centers in 8 other countries.

Offer free Hebrew courses, social and humanitarian assistance for new immigrants, and increased services to Holocaust survivors.

The Opportunity

Living Israel needs more ministry partners to accomplish this plan and see the “lost sheep of Israel” come into the fold. Your financial gift through New Living Israel will help accomplish these goals and bring the Good News to a lost and hurting generation of men, women and children in Israel.


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